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B.B. Patel

President and CEO

Bhupendra "B.B." Patel - B.B. Patel, who has over 40 years of hospitality and real estate experience, is the President and CEO of BPR Hotels . His experience includes the ground-up development as well as restoring and renovating landmark hotels. Mr. Patel now focuses on the strategic growth, finance, and acquisitions of BPR Hotels . B.B. challenges his team by finding opportunities in all types of real estate, not just hospitality.

Outside of real estate, Mr. Patel has been involved in the banking industry for over 25 years. Mr. Patel was a Director and a Member of the Loan Committee at Innovative Bank. Previously, Mr. Patel has served a Director for First-Indo Bank, which was acquired by Bank One, a founding Member of Bay Area Bank, which was acquired by Wells Fargo, and a founding Member of Liberty Bank.

Mr. Patel earned his degree as a Mechanical Engineer in L.D. Engineering College in Ahmedabad, India and later went on to pursue a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of California.

Q & A

What does building a sense of belonging mean to you?

I want our guests to feel like when they come to our hotels they are coming as my personal guests. I want them to feel welcomed and have a sense of belonging the moment they arrive at my hotel.

Greatest Strength you learned from your parents?

Growing up my parents taught me to be strong. To work hard, be honest, hard work will never kill you. To work to the best of my ability and the score will come.

What is your favorite BPR Hotel & Why?

I have a few favorite hotels. Best Western Executive Suites was my very first hotel and gave me my start in hotel management. Mountain View Inn was my first ground up construction project and I learned a lot about building. Cabana was my first full service hotel and excelled me into a different league.

If you had a spirit animal what would it be?

My parents were farmers so growing up on a farm I was drawn to cows. Cows are very generous with their lives and behave in the most selfless manner.

Most listened to song on Spotify or iTunes?

I listen to classical

Favorite Podcast or book?

Anything that has to do with the five elements.