Meet the Team

The People Behind BPR

In less than five decades, BPR grew from a one-hotel operation into one of the West Coast’s top hotel management companies. We didn’t, however, do it alone. Over the years, our company has worked with some incredible people — we still do. We think they’re our greatest strength, and we hope that you get to know them better.

B.B. Patel


Team member since 1973

B.B. Patel is a man of many talents: He's a registered engineer in the State of California, and helped found a pair of banks in his 25-plus years in the financial industry. His passion, though, lies in hospitality and real estate. Since founding BPR in 1973, B.B. has purchased, restored, and renovated a number of historic hotels. Today, he mainly focuses on strategic growth, finance, and acquisitions.

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Rita Parasnis


Team member since 2005

Rita Parasnis brings a one-of-a-kind resume to BPR Hotels: Since graduating from UC Berkeley in 1995, she's gone on to accumulate over 15 years of managerial experience in the high-tech and hospitality sectors. Rita's worked for and with companies as large as Oracle and other startup companies. Here, she's already helped establish uniform accounting, analytical, and operational practices; we're excited to see what the future holds.

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