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Who We Are

BPR didn’t get into the hotel industry for the money. When we first started doing business in 1973, we did it to give back — to our family and our community. Without them, we wouldn’t be here; because of them, we work to give others the opportunities that they gave us.

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A Trip Through Time

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    Our owner, Bhupendra "B.B." Patel, is born in a small farming village near Surat, India. With his parents' help, he becomes the first member of his family to move to the United States; he goes on to earn a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University.

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    B.B. buys the Varsity Motel - a 30-room property in Redwood City, California - sight unseen, and moves his family across the country soon after. Living out of the manager's apartment, B.B. pulls double shifts: mechanical engineer by day, hotel operator by night.

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    Now fully dedicated to hotel management, B.B. takes another big step: Taking out a loan at an interest rate of over 20 percent, he develops the Best Western Mountain View Inn from the ground-up, his first full construction project.

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    B.B. acquires and renovates the Cabana Hotel. Built in 1962 by actress Doris Day, the property was recognized by Life Magazine as "one of the best hotels on the west coast" before falling into disrepair. After extensive work, B.B. reopens it as his first full-service hotel.

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    BPR buys the Hotel Shattuck Plaza, marking the company's first foray into the lifestyle hotel business. The acquisition follows BPR's development model: Originally built in 1906, the structure survived the San Francisco earthquake and was considered one of Downtown Berkeley's finest buildings.

Developing Responsibility

When it comes to expansion, BPR doesn't follow a one-size-fits-all strategy. Our ultimate goal is to serve our guests - and our prospective community - as best we can, and to achieve this, we follow three simple guidelines.

Whether renovating an existing landmark or starting a build from scratch, our creative team takes each property's unique background into consideration. Once we have a concept, we strive to make it as energy- and waste-efficient as possible. And when it's finally time to start construction, we make a point of partnering with local design firms, small businesses, and nonprofits.