BPR Hotels is a team of passionate individuals

that creatively develop and manage a portfolio of hotels, each unique to the communities they serve. Our passion for developing properties was passed down by our founder, BB Patel, who purchased our first hotel in 1973. Since that day, BPR has created a sense of belonging in every property we've developed.


Our team brings creativity and originality to every building we develop. Is it a lifestyle or branded hotel? How do we give life back to this iconic building? How do we incorporate the culture and community into the design? These are the questions we ask whenever we take on a new project. Our team is always looking for creative ways to develop buildings that provide our customers a unique experience.


Our team incorporates community into every aspect of a project. That means, our buildings are relevant to the communities they serve. Whether it's partnering with local design firms and businesses or fostering relationships with the city, our amazing local partners leave their imprint on every project. We will always take great pride in implementing community partners in our developments.


Our team develops projects with heart and soul. We want the community to proud of the buildings we create. That means, our hotels are designed to be an extension of what makes the neighborhood special. Nothing gives us more pleasure than to revitalize an old landmark back to its former glory. There are no cookie cutters in our portfolio's. Our projects are developed to be unique and special. No matter how distressed the asset, our team will bring it back to life.


As soon as we envision a project, our team is constantly striving to foster long term relationships with the people we work with. From partnering with local charities, to building relationships with the city, we always invest our time and energy in the people that matter. Our team will never stand on the sidelines and watch. In fact, we stay engaged and committed every step of the way. That's how we build trust.

Development Strategy

Development Strategy

At BPR, we design and construct buildings that best serve our guests and the community.

As soon as we take on a project, our creative team plans the right strategy for development. Whether it's building from the ground up, or renovating existing buildings, we develop hotels that the neighborhood can take pride in. If it's an existing landmark that has been neglected, our team finds creative solutions to restore the building's unique elements. If it's ground up construction, we want our buildings to become new landmarks in the community.

At BPR, our development team works with the neighborhoods we do business in. Our strategies are always energy-efficient and minimize waste. We develop relationships with city planners and officials, as well as local design firms, small businesses and non-profits. Our goal is to always becoming active members of the communities we serve.