What Makes A Top Hotel Ownership Group?

We’d say culture. At BPR Hotels, we take our work seriously — but we’re not beyond a little fun. We count on each other. Everybody, from ownership to guest services, pulls their weight. And everybody buys into the five pillars that have guided us for the past 47 years and counting.

Being Scrappy

Decades ago, we began with a single property and were determined to expand. Today, we manage over 1100 rooms across 12 hotels; we wouldn't if we hadn't put in the work.

Being Humble

In the 70s, our CEO, B.B. Patel, shared the manager's room of his first hotel with 19 members of his family. It's a strong reminder of where we came from - one we never want to forget.

Being Authentic

BPR takes pride in hotel development. By purchasing historic buildings and breathing new life into them, we can tell the true story of the communities that have welcomed us.

Committed to Growth

We don't just want to expand; we want to do it the right way. It takes time to build something special, and we're constantly searching for new places - and people - that can help.

Seek to Understand

The only way we can grow is by finding common ground with our stakeholders. They trust us to help them on their travels; the least we can do is get to know them.